Land Rover and Bendiksen Deliver ‘Ultimate Vistas’

Land Rover has teamed up with renowned photographer, Jonas Bendiksen, to create a series of works entitled “Ultimate Vistas.” These photographs will feature incredible landscapes captured by Bendiksen while using the Range Rover to transport him from place to place.

Bendiksen, a native Norwegian, started the series out by photographing his home country. The intelligent technology, Terrain Response 2, of the Range Rover allowed him to reach outstanding vantage points that are usually unaccessible. The Terrain Response 2 automatically chooses the best of its driving modes that will best suit the terrain the vehicle is currently driving on. It also makes sure the optimal vehicle’s settings are selected.

Bendiksen started out in Oslo and photographed the modern urban environment before traveling through the Dovre mountains. The Range Rover’s clean lines definitely echoed the modern architecture of Oslo and its unique features have allowed it to take such a grueling journey without any problems.

“I spend my entire life chasing that perfect picture, but part of the joy of it is in that hunt. Photography is for me a languor, a way in which I can express myself, and it has become a way in which I see the world. I love trips I can do entirely by driving. When I’m on the road I can stop anywhere and capture an opportunity in an instant. The Range Rover was the perfect partner for me in that respect,” Bendiksen said.

Bendiksen is known for his photographs of the beauty of nature and rural living. His work had been featured in Newsweek, the Sunday Times Magazine, and National Geographic.

Norway has a 51,100 mile coastline of bays, inlets, and fjords. Comprised of more than 50,000 islands, Norway has plenty in the way of rural living. However, the Norwegian cities boast plenty of dramatic modern architecture making Norway the perfect place for both urban and rural photographs.

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BAR Team Wins in Fukuoka!

The Land Rover BAR sailing team competed in the final regatta of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series this past weekend, November 19-20, 2016 in Fukuoka, Japan. They put forth a good showing on Saturday which put them in a good position for the final on Sunday.

The team struggled during the first lap of the final but made an incredible recovery and managed to pass the leading team to seal the World Series win!

“It was an amazing day for the team because our core goal was to win the overall series, that is what we came here to do. To achieve that and come out on top in the final event to get four regatta wins in the overall series, that is a huge achievement from a completely new team,” says Ben Ainslie, Team Principal and Skipper.

“Two and a half years ago we had absolutely nothing, so what we have achieved win building the team, the infrastructure, and this performance in the World Series is something we should all be incredibly proud of – but at the same time it’s just one step in our journey to the America’s Cup. Our objective was to get the two bonus points and we’ve got that, and now the focus  clearly not he race boat and the performance next summer in Bermuda.”

“I am absolutely delighted by how things have gone, but at the same time I know our team and how focused they are on the America’s Cup. We will be straight into training in Bermuda and getting best prepared for the America’s Cup to try and bring it home after a 167 years of hurt.”

The win on Sunday gives the Land Rover BAR sailing team a two point advantage going into the America’s Cup Qualifiers in Bermuda in May of 2017.

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Live Contemporary with the Evoque Convertible

Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque Convertible is something from a dream. It’s sleek design and Z-folding roof make sure heads turn as you drive by.

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible has striking lines, a muscular shoulder, and a tapered roof. This has made it synonymous with style and contemporary city life. The Z-folding insulated roof is controlled by a switch that is mounted in the center console and operates up to 29 miles per hour.


The Range Rover Evoque Convertible comes with Land Rover InControl. This suite of advanced technology links you and your vehicle to the world. You have the option of choosing between InControl Touch and InControl Touch Pro.

The Range Rover Evoque also comes with Driver Aids. These allow you to keep your attention on the road by monitoring and assisting you with driving situations. Traffic Sign Recognition makes sure you know exactly what is going on by displaying certain traffic signs in the instrument cluster. This will allow you to respond quicker. Blind Spot Monitoring lets you know when vehicles approach from either side. Also with Driver Aids are different parking technologies. These help you park your vehicle with ease.

All-Terrain Progress Control, included with the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, is a state-of-the art system that is designed to assist you in setting and maintaining a certain speed when driving in challenging conditions. Snow, sand, gravel, or tarmac are just a few conditions that the All-Terrain Progress Control will assist with.

In addition to everything the Range Rover Evoque Convertible already comes with, different options & accessories are available to really personalize and assist with your specific needs. The best part is, these accessories can be added at any time while owning the vehicle. Not just when its brand new.


Land Rover has really hit it out of the park with this one. The Range Rover Evoque Convertible is not only stylish but functional as well.

To learn more about the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, contact us at Land Rover Dallas today! We are ready to serve you!

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The Future of Traffic Safety?

It has been announced that Jaguar Land Rover and Ford are testing cars that “talk” to one another. The hope is that by communicating with each other, cars will be able to eliminate accidents and cut down drive times by automatically putting you on the most efficient route.


Over the next four years, Jaguar Land Rover plans to manufacture more than 100 vehicles to be used as research to, hopefully, further the technology needed for self-driving vehicles.

Vehicles that speak to each other and connect with different types of technology will be able to adjust their speeds to miss fewer traffic lights, and will know if another vehicle suddenly hits its breaks.

They will be able to let other cars know their breaking status, steering-wheel position, speed, which lane they are in, and other data. In short, vehicles will be so in tune with every vehicle around them that you will not have to worry about accidents.

A lot of vehicles already have different kinds of technology that can detect their surroundings, but it is limited. It often cannot see past a few car lengths away. The technology being tested by Jaguar Land Rover and Ford is still imperfect and will need more time and energy focused on it to create vehicles that can safely transport their inhabitants.

So, self-driving cars a thing of the future? It looks like it could happen sooner than you think! The United Kingdom hopes to have self-driving vehicles by the end of 2020.

However, this trial is just the start of a new era of vehicle we hope to see on the roads very soon. Self-driving cars may seem to be a little futuristic, but if something can be created to lower or eliminate the amount of vehicle accidents every year, it is probably worth our attention.

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Land Rover Reborn

Land Rover’s original Series 1 is truly a classic. First launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show on April 30, 1948, the Series 1 has an 80-inch wheelbase, a pick-up body, and was originally priced at around 450 pounds.

When starting to draft the first design for the Land Rover, the consumer was always at the forefront. Due to the large amount of people working in agriculture in the 1940’s, Land Rover’s Series 1 sought to accommodate the consumer by excelling in the field, like a tractor, as well as transportation.


Over the years many Series 1s have challenged expectations and assisted in discovering new lands. Land Rover Reborn is selecting 25 authentic Series 1s that have fallen into disrepair to make the trip to our home of the original Defender factory in Solihull, England.

Once at our factory, our team of experts will professionally restore the Series 1s to their original 1948 state. We believe that not one of our vehicles is the same. Especially with the Series 1s. Each Series 1 has its own unique history. Each had its own life it its own part of the world. It is our goal to restore each vehicle’s authenticity and uniqueness.

Each vehicle undergoes an examination so we know exactly what needs to be restored to what specification.

If you are willing to spend the money, you can purchase a Series 1 and even select which original paint color you would like for it to be (Light Green, Bronze Green, Royal Air Force Blue, Dove Gray, or Poppy Red) and what material you would like the seats recovered with. When restoring the Series 1s, it is our goal to retain each vehicles character and authenticity.

Tours are also available, so if you are a car enthusiast but do not have the money to bring a Series 1 home, you can see the restoration in person at our Solihull facility.

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