Roughing it – The Land Rover Way

There is just over a week left to get signed up for the upcoming Wheels Luxe Weekend taking place from June 6-7th at the stunning Rough Creek Lodge & Resort in Glen Rose, Texas!wheels

Texas Hill Country is the ideal location to put your Land Rover to the test.  You will enjoy countless hours roughing it through the rugged terrains on a custom made 5 mile Land Rover capability course while taking in the beautiful landscapes of the Lone Star State.

The rite of passage known as the “Wheels” event is just the first adventure new Land Rover owner undergo as they become part of the rich tradition and community that is the Land Rover ownership experience.  Each Wheels event begins with a series of driving challenges such as cone races to test turning ability, blind-folded driving with a passenger guide to demonstrate handling, and an off-road course full of challenging obstacles.

Land Rover lovers from across the state and country will be guided by professional Land Rover driving instructors known as the Texas Rovers, so you know you will be in good hands.

The Wheels event includes a rustic American lunch prepared by award-winning chef Gerard Thompson to make sure that drivers and crew aren’t running on empty.wheels2

There will be fun for the whole family as well with a meeting of the Rough Creek hunting dogs, archery and hatchet throwing, fishing for the kids on Mallard Lake and a private Land Rover zip line!   The Land Rover staff will also take plenty of pictures so that your memories will last a lifetime!

If you and your family would like to participate in this extraordinary adventure then please call or stop by Land Rover Dallas and will gladly get you signed up.

Happy trails!

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Introducing Bike Sense!

Here at Land Rover Dallas, safety for our drivers as well as for the pedestrians that surround them is always our top priority.   That is why we are thrilled to bring you the news that JLR has decided to undertake a new task to help protect our fellow cyclists out there!

A range of new technologies are being researched for “Bike Sense” that will allow colors, sounds and touch inside the car to alert drivers to potential hazards and prevent accidents involving bicycles and motorbikes.

If a bicycle or motorbike is coming up the road behind the Land Rover, Bike Sense, using lights and sounds, will alert the driver if it is overtaking or coming past the vehicle on the inside, and the top of the car seat will extend to “tap” the driver on the left or right shoulder. The idea is that the driver will then instinctively look over their shoulder to identify the potential hazard.

As the cyclist gets closer to the car, an array of LED lights on the window sills, dashboard and windscreen pillars will glow amber and then red as the bike approaches. The movement of these red and amber lights across these surfaces will also highlight the direction the bike is taking.  The audio system will also make it sound as if a bicycle bell or motorbike horn is coming through the speaker nearest the bike, so the driver immediately understands the direction the cyclist is coming from.

Bike Sense would also be able to identify hazards that the driver cannot see. If a pedestrian or cyclist is crossing the road, and they are obscured by a stationary vehicle for example, the car’s sensors will detect this and draw the driver’s attention to the hazard using directional light and sound.

To learn more about Bike Sense and to view our 2015 lineup of astonishing new and pre-owned Land Rovers, then we invite you to come see us in person here at Land Rover Dallas in the heart of Dallas, Texas.

6 Million Strong…and Growing

Land Rover Dallas is thrilled to bring you the news that the 6,000,000th Land Rover has officially rolled out of production!million

The completion of a Yulong White Range Rover LWB Vogue SE on April 2nd saw Land Rover hit a manufacturing milestone and was just featured at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show.  The 6,000,000th vehicle was built the Solihull facility, where Land Rover has been producing world-famous SUVs since 1948.

This landmark Land Rover is proudly showcasing its bespoke puddle lamp graphic to signify its unique status.  The illuminated graphic, which is the width of a grain of rice, is projected through a magnifying lens onto the ground every time the vehicle is unlocked in an image which is 80cm in diameter. This same graphic was projected on to the wall of the Solihull manufacturing facility to mark the moment when the 6,000,000th vehicle rolled off the production line.

Andy Goss, Director, Group Sales Operations, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “For 67 years Land Rover has been building the world’s most capable all-purpose vehicles.  Over this period, a range of ground-breaking innovations and technologies have blended great design, refinement and unmatched all-terrain capability.million2

“It’s fitting that the 6,000,000th Land Rover to be produced is a Range Rover, since this year marks the 45thanniversary of the original Range Rover’s launch and even today, the vehicle remains peerless. With the growth of sales in China since the latest version of the Range Rover was introduced in 2012, it is entirely appropriate that this landmark vehicle is destined for a Chinese customer.”

Ultimately this exceptional Range Rover will be sold in the region and its specially commissioned puddle lamps will serve as a permanent reminder of the significance of this unique model in Land Rover’s history.