Choosing a Used Range Rover Sport in Dallas

The Range Rover Sport is the perfect combination of luxury and power coupled with the durability of a 4-wheel drive SUV. Land Rover introduced the Sport model in 2005 and since then it has undergone significant changes including a refresh in 2009 and second-gen model in 2013.

When buying a used Range Rover, particularly the Sport model, there are an array of different trim options including the SE, HSE and Supercharged. Choosing from our selection of used Range Rover Sport vehicles in Dallas doesn’t have to be a challenge as we help you decide on a vehicle that fits your preferences and budget.

Here are a few tips to consider when looking for a used Range Rover Sport:

Model Options

If you are looking for performance, the Supercharged Range Rover Sport features a V6 engine with over 300 horsepower. Some of the older models have a V8 engine that accelerates from 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds, such as the 2009 Range Rover Sport.

The Range Rover Sport was released in 2011 with a diesel model that incorporates 242 horsepower with a 3.0-liter engine. The 0 to 60 time is a bit longer at 8.8 seconds but the diesel models are often more budget friendly.

Inspecting the Condition

Especially if you are buying an older model, make sure to thoroughly inspect the vehicle before purchasing. We have extremely high-quality standards for the vehicles we accept but still welcome inspections for buyers to be 100% comfortable with their purchase.

Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle is often the best way to go when it comes to used vehicles as it gives you the added peace of mind that the vehicle has no issues. Also, be sure to check the Carfax history report to see how many owners and if it has been in an accident.

Defining a Budget

Used Range Rover vehicles vary in price so it is important to have your price range in mind when shopping. We can work with you on financing options and help you get as close as possible to your ideal monthly payment.

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Historic Land Rover Found After Hiding for Decades

One of the first Land Rover vehicles produced from the assembly line has been hiding for decades until the past year where it was uncovered.

The rare Land Rover is one of three preproduction models first introduced to the public in 1948 at the Amsterdam Motor Show. After touring for brand publicity in the late 1940s, the vehicle managed to stay out of the public eye for quite some time.

What happened to the historic Land Rover model? After being sold to a private individual, it was kept on a Welsh farm. It sat for many years before being purchased for a restoration project, which didn’t end up going very far, so it ended up resting in a garden for decades.

The Land Rover was located in 2016, not far from the manufacturing plant where it was built in Solihull.  

The vehicle was mostly intact and Land Rover’s Classic Works team put time into preserving the historical gem instead of completely restoring it. They wanted to leave it closest to its natural state instead of polishing the artifact to look brand new.

As an important part of Land Rover’s history and automotive history in general, the preproduction Rover is irreplaceable. The Classic Works team is putting the model through a careful restoration process just in time for Land Rover’s 70th-anniversary celebration.

If you think about what was happening 70 years ago, it is fascinating to imagine when the world first glimpsed at the unique body style that is now immediately distinguished as a Land Rover. The launch at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show was a memorable time for the brand, only to be recognized again after the vehicle was located in a garden.

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New Defender Still Under Wraps

The Defender has been off of the Land Rover lineup for a few years now and the brand has kept quiet on any news of a replacement.

It has been announced that there are plans to unveil the 2019 model near the end of this year. It is also expected to enter into production this year, although Land Rover is still keeping many aspects of the release secret and consumers are anxiously awaiting the updated 4×4.

The reason JLR is keeping the information under wraps is that when they leaked news on the Evoque, a Chinese automobile manufacturer released a very similar model. Instead of giving the competitors an edge on the newest release and risking them duplicating the inspiration, they are delaying the details about the new Defender. A smart strategy on their part, but many are dying to see the new SUV’s exterior and new specs.

Luckily, Autocar was able to absorb several details on the new Defender, the few things that the brand execs were willing to share with fans.

The new model will likely be nicknamed L663 and brought out at the company’s 70th-anniversary event. It will come in two different body styles, sticking with the existing 90 and 110 models used in the previous Defender.

The aluminum frame known as the D7u which is also featured in the Discovery and arrange rover models will also be used for the new Defender. The ability to choose from soft and hard top models will be another plus with new variants to be released in the future. It is also clear that the lineup will be using the JLR Ingenium engines.

Many people were speculating that the DC100 concept would closely resemble the new Defender but instead, design head Jerry McGovern indicated that they went in a completely different direction.

We don’t quite know yet what that will look like but one thing is for sure, it will be a much more refined model and likely the “most high-tech Land Rover vehicle”. McGovern also noted that the brand may not advertise the typical off-road features like the snorkels or retro spotlights.

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