Bendiksen Truly Discovers ‘Ultimate Vistas’

The “Ulimate Vistas” series by renowned photographer and native Norwegian, Jonas Bendiksen, and Land Rover finally comes to a close.

In Part 1 Bendiksen drove the Range Rover from Oslo through the Dovre Mountains. In Part 2, he drove through Trollstigen. During Part 3, Bendiksen drove through the fjords around Geiranger.

For Part 4, Bendiksen took off from Geiranger to head west.

“The nice thing about working in Norway this time of year, in the fall, is that I’ll pass through a huge variation of landscapes,” Bendiksen said. “ It’s a gorgeous time to be here now, the leaves are turning, so you have this brownish orangish mixed with green, and then the rock and then a little bit of sprinkling of white on top of the peaks.”

Before he left the area around Geiranger, Bendiksen noticed the first snow had fallen, so he drove to a look out point 1500 meters above Geiranger. It was a good thing he was driving a Range Rover because he had to take switchback road all the way up. Once up top, he was able to photograph the incredible view.

After that he headed west, stopping in Norangsfjorden to photograph a unique hotel called Hotel Union Oye.

“It’s a unique hotel because its a blend at the same time as being super super charming, and you find very few places that are like that. Each room is a exquisitely and uniquely view point.”

Once he finished photographing the hotel, he finally started towards his final destination, Alesund. 

“It’s an incredible place which lies right on the edge of the world. You stand there and look out into the boundless expanse of the Atlantic ocean.”

Once Bendiksen reached Alesund he used the network of bridges and tunnels to drive as far into the ocean as he could.

“It was amazing to be driving around there right on the edge of the Atlantic ocean. It didn’t surprise me that before I knew it, the sun was setting.”

The last thing Bendiksen wanted to do was drove to a cliff behind Alesund.

“There’s a place there you can look out over the entire city. You are looking out across the most spectacular landscape with mountains falling into the ocean all around you.”

“Having started in Oslo and traveled across country through all this amazing landscape it feels like the fitting end to the journey to end up here, looking out over one of Norway’s most spectacular urban landscapes.”

Land Rover and Bendiksen have truly found some incredible “Ultimate Vistas.”

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