A Blast From The Past

Now here is a story that all of us at Land Rover Dallas would dare not to share with our loyal followers and other Range Rover enthusiasts.  blast

What we have before you is a rare opportunity to view, and for one lucky soul, purchase, an incredibly rare pre-production Range Rover which was developed in secret under the code name Velar, which in Italian means, veiled or covered.

Despite its size, the first ever Range Rovers were faster than most production vehicles in 1970, with a 3.5 liter V8 engine propelling them from 0-60 in around 15 seconds, while its top speed ranged around the 100 mph.    In addition, the car had a four-speed manual gear box with a low and high ratio – doubling the number of available gears and giving it unrivaled off-road performance while allowing it to cruise along the new motorways at high speed.

Land Rover actually developed the Range Rover in secret to provide a luxury off-road vehicle that could cope with the motorway and countryside, and according to Land Rover’s official press release from 1970, the new car “provides excellent and comfortable transport to and from the office and because of its light steering, all-round visibility and roomy luggage space, and is an ideal vehicle, particularly for women drivers, for shopping and taking the children to school, as well as being perfectly suited to take the family and caravan and boat comfortably off the beaten track and away from the crowds.”

The vehicle is being sold by Charterhouse Auctions in Sherborne Dorset early next year, and because it is such an early and important Range Rover, it is estimated to bring in around $47,000 for its Bristol owner.blast 2

The Range Rover was launched in 1970 and was clearly a success form the start.  Now in its fourth generation, Range Rover enthusiasts from across the globe can marvel at its impressive history and see just how far along this spectacular machine has come.

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