Discovery Sport Vital in Christmas Cabin Creation

Land Rover may created the perfect place to spend the holiday season.

Commissioned by a very jolly friend, Land Rover set out to build a cozy cabin that could withstand freezing temperatures in a secret location.

The cabin was designed by architect, Mads Lindstrom, who describes the cabin as “somewhere to sleep and somewhere to rest” and “where you can put your luggage and kind of a base for your trip.”

The cabin was to be built in pieces off site, and then transported to the secret location and assembled. Land Rover knew the Discovery Sport was the go-to vehicle for this task. Its size and ability to conquer was just what this project needed.

“When we first received the brief we knew it was going to be a challenge, but immediately we looked at the Discovery Sport because of the load space,” Land Rover Engineer, Muhammed Malik states. “I was confident that the wilderness cabin would fit in.”

Kenton Cool, adventurer and climber, took a look over the cabin to make sure it would stand up to the freezing temperatures. He would know. He has climbed Mount Everest twelve times.

“Our VIP guest is going to spend an awful lot of time probably getting very cold,” Cool says. “Having looked around the cabin here today, you take it out in the wild it’s going to be totally fit for purpose. If I came across one of these I’d think it was Christmas come early.”

“With the seven seats we wanted sliding seats as well so you can have an extra 160 ml at your boot space for your family holiday,” Helen Ali, Land Rover Engineer, states, “or in this case to take a wilderness cabin on an adventure.”

With the Discovery Sport’s help, the cabin is built and ready in its secret location, all for a good Claus!

Happy Holidays from Land Rover Dallas!

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