Keeping Your Fluids in Check

new, pre-owned Land Rover dealer, Land Rover Dallas, Dallas, TexasRegularly checking the fluids in your car can sometimes be a hard thing to keep up with, so here at Land Rover Dallas in Dallas, Texas, we want to help remind you to keep those vital liquid levels maintained and full at all times.  

  • Engine Oil:   Checking the oil in your vehicle and keeping it at a proper level on a regular basis is a very important thing to remember.    In order to get a proper reading of your oil level, make sure the oil is warm and that your car is parked on level ground.   Making sure the oil is near the “full” line is a good way to keep your car running in an efficient manner.  
  • Transmission Fluid:  The most effective thing you can do to keep your transmission from lasting is to limit the heat on it and its parts by keeping it well lubricated.   Make sure you are using the correct transmission fluid for your vehicle and if you are unsure, then consult your owner’s manual or give us a call here at Land Rover Dallas in Dallas, Texas and we will be more than happy to help. 
  • Coolant Level:  This is highly necessary so that your car does not overheat, and is checked by way of the surge tank.   To check the fluid, the vehicle must be on level ground, and preferably, it should be cold.  In most cases, the surge tank is transparent and will be marked with the letters “full cold”.
  • Power Steering Fluid:  It is not necessary for you to regularly check the power steering fluid in your car unless you suspect there may be a leak.  If the fluid is leaking then you should have the system serviced by a mechanic as soon as possible. The power steering reservoir is either found directly on the steering box or rack or remotely mounted very close to it, usually on the driver side of the vehicle.

Should you have any questions regarding the proper brands or types of fluids that you need for your particular vehicle,  then give our service department a call here at Land Rover Dallas in Dallas, Texas so we can assist you in any way we can.  Or call to schedule service with us and let our highly trained service advisors take care of all your vehicle’s needs for you.   Just be sure to keep these components in mind, as maintaining your fluid levels will definitely ensure that you car is functioning properly and efficiently at all times, and will help to extend the life of your car.   We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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