NAVTEQ Navigation Update Special

new, pre-owned Land Rover, Ranger Rover dealer, Land Rover Dallas, Dallas, TexasRight now at Land Rover Dallas in the heart of Dallas, Texas, we are offering a Navteq Navigation update for the low price of $199.00, for the 2005-2009 Range Rover, 2006-2009 Range Rover Sport, 2005-2009 LR3, and 2008-2009 LR2

If you frequently use your Navigation system to travel unfamiliar roads, then updating its map data every few months is probably a good idea.   Keeping your GPS map date current with the latest construction, new businesses, renamed roads and other points of interest is just part of owning and using this evolving technology.     We are all pinching pennies these days, but keeping your Navigation System updated will most likely save you money in the long run as you will waste less gas by not having to driving around in circles looking for that new road or building, and will keep you from taking an unexpected and gas guzzling detour when faced with road construction.    With close to a million map changes across the U.S. each year, it is easy to see why refreshing your map data is much more convenient that putting up with the hassle of encountering outdated location information when you least expect it.

At Land Rover Dallas in Dallas, Texas, we want to help save you time and money by keeping this important feature up to date and functioning with the utmost efficiency and reliability at all times.   So bring your Land Rover or Range Rover in to see us today, so we can feed your system the new update and get you back on those roads quickly   We look forward to seeing you soon here at Land Rover Dallas in Dallas, Texas!


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