Maurice Wilks – Land Rover Heritage

Land Rover’s rich heritage is a massive part of what makes it so great. Without their heritage, Land Rover would not be able to develop award winning luxury vehicles with incredible performance.

Maurice Wilks (1904 – 1963) and his brother created the first Land Rover over 60 years ago. Maurice was married and had three children. Stephen Wilks, the youngest son of Maurice Wilks, remembers growing up with the Land Rover years ago.

“An early memory I have is going up to Anglesey where we had a sort of holiday cottage and a farm up there. I remember those years, the Land Rover was always a part of our holiday, and that’s a very strong memory for me,” Stephen says.

“We’d take picnics with it. We’d go sometimes through the dunes. The Land Rover was persuaded to negotiate this stream at one point, which was always very bumpy, and my father used to have to make it charge into it. So, we all hung on tight and the Land Rover went whooshing through. All the mud would splay up everywhere.”

Stephen also spoke about how his father would have been so proud and excited about the advancements in technology in vehicle design, especially in the Land Rover.

“He loved innovation. He was always looking ahead at the latest things that were coming out, and to see the modern Land Rover with its onboard computers and the changes that have been made from the Series 1 to what you get now, that would have been a great interest to him, and he’d always be really at the forefront of that trying to develop it further. He was always a man that looked to the future.”

Maurice Wilks started working at the Rover Company in 1930 as chief engineer. In 1946, he was made technical director, and in 1960 he was given the job of managing director. Finally in 1962, just a year before passing away, he was made chairman.

Maurice Wilks is just one part of Land Rover’s rich heritage. His contributions to the Rover Company, and the production of the Land Rover, continue to live on through his legacy.

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Land Rover Reborn

Land Rover’s original Series 1 is truly a classic. First launched at the Amsterdam Motor Show on April 30, 1948, the Series 1 has an 80-inch wheelbase, a pick-up body, and was originally priced at around 450 pounds.

When starting to draft the first design for the Land Rover, the consumer was always at the forefront. Due to the large amount of people working in agriculture in the 1940’s, Land Rover’s Series 1 sought to accommodate the consumer by excelling in the field, like a tractor, as well as transportation.


Over the years many Series 1s have challenged expectations and assisted in discovering new lands. Land Rover Reborn is selecting 25 authentic Series 1s that have fallen into disrepair to make the trip to our home of the original Defender factory in Solihull, England.

Once at our factory, our team of experts will professionally restore the Series 1s to their original 1948 state. We believe that not one of our vehicles is the same. Especially with the Series 1s. Each Series 1 has its own unique history. Each had its own life it its own part of the world. It is our goal to restore each vehicle’s authenticity and uniqueness.

Each vehicle undergoes an examination so we know exactly what needs to be restored to what specification.

If you are willing to spend the money, you can purchase a Series 1 and even select which original paint color you would like for it to be (Light Green, Bronze Green, Royal Air Force Blue, Dove Gray, or Poppy Red) and what material you would like the seats recovered with. When restoring the Series 1s, it is our goal to retain each vehicles character and authenticity.

Tours are also available, so if you are a car enthusiast but do not have the money to bring a Series 1 home, you can see the restoration in person at our Solihull facility.

Preparing for the Cold

new Land Rover dealer, Land Rover Dallas, Dallas, Texas

With winter weather just around the corner, we at Land Rover Dallas in Dallas, Texas, want you and your car to be well prepared out there on those slippery roads.  Ice, sleet and snow can lead to very hazardous road conditions, and become the culprit of many fender benders.   Making sure you car is ready for the weather ahead, and learning to be a more patient and cautious driver, can help ensure your safety while behind the wheel.

Tires are important during the winter months, so make sure you examine the tread for thin or uneven wear and have them replaced if necessary.  Don’t forget to check the air pressure as well to ensure the best traction and mileage.    Depending on how harsh your winters are where you live, you may want to invest in some kind of “winter tire” to help you through the snow and ice.   If you are unsure what tires you might need, then call our service department here at in Land Rover Dallas in Dallas, Texas, and we will happily assist you and recommend a good brand.

Being able to see out of your windshield is vital in the cold.   Check your wiper blades and replace them if they leave streaks of water on the windshield or show any signs of cracking or stiffness.   Also use an ice scraper to rid your windshield of ice rather than using your wipers as this may damage them.   Be sure to check the level of your windshield washer reservoir and keep it filled with a solution that includes some type of antifreeze agent.   Also remember to run the AC when defrosting or defogging your windshield.   You can set the temperature for whatever you like, but by running the compressor you dehumidify the air which makes it a lot easier to defrost the glass so you can see better. 

Maintaining proper fluid levels is critical to keeping your car going during the winter months, so make sure you check your antifreeze and oil levels to prevent internal damage to your car, and keep your gas tank at least halfway full to help prevent a gas line freeze.  

Come experience The Land Rover Way here at Land Rover Dallas in Dallas, Texas, and find out what service and salesmanship is all about.  Be safe out there on the roads this winter, and be sure to check us out online or stop by our dealership to gaze upon our 2013 lineup of Land Rovers and other premium pre-owned vehicles. 

Enhance your 2012 LR4 today!

The 2012 Land Rover LR4 blends elegance and durability effortlessly.  How could you possibly make it any better? Well, now at Land Rover Dallas, you can! New enhancements for the 2012 Land Rover LR4 are available, with your choice of options to accessorize and personalize your LR4.

Little hints of luxury can go a long way. The 2012 LR4 has more options now available:

  • Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Tread Plate
  • Short Chrome Roof Rails
  • Bright Finish Mirror Kit

Call, click or stop by Land Rover Dallas located at 11400 North Central Expressway Dallas, Texas and discuss your enhancement options with one of the friendly sales guides.

Then start customizing your 2012 Land Rover LR4… and watch heads turn!

Land Rover LR2

 The Land Rover LR2 is a luxury-brand crossover SUV that is widely popular due to its small size making it maneuverable in urban environments. The LR2 retains the superior off-road ability for which Land Rovers are known, giving this SUV a dual-purpose. Available in a single trim level the 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine produces 230 horsepower and 234 pound-feet of torque. The sole transmission choice is a six speed automatic with a manual shift mode. All-wheel drive is standard.

The Land Rover LR2 is endowed with technologies to make it both capable and confident when the journey is off the beaten path. The Terrain Response System is standard on the LR2 and adapts the responses of the vehicle’s engine, transmission, AWD system, suspension electronics, and stability and hill decent control systems to match the demands of the terrain. It optimizes drive-ability and comfort as well as maximizing traction.

Land Rover Dallas, located at 11400 North Central Expressway, is the go-to Land Rover dealership for Texans. Land Rover Dallas offers new Land Rovers, pre-owned vehicles, Interactive Specials, service, parts, unbeatable prices, generous trade-in values, flexible financing options, extended warranties and a commitment to customer service that will not be beat. The Dallas Land Rover Way is one of relaxation, respect and knowledge.

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